Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gamonal Update August 2012

Th                                                       e August 2012
Dear Co-laborers,
Land Battle Update
At the time of our last update, the hill behind our house was being invaded by landtraffickers. It was quite a battle with gangsters and gunshots, but God protected us. The invaders were dissuaded, and our neighborhood is in the process of taking more security measures. Thank you for your prayers. 

Mission Team In May, a mission team of 12 came from Georgia Baptist College. It was a blessing to see some of their young hearts burdened for missions and to have some godly examples before our young people. The young men had many opportunities to preach through a translator. The help we had been counting on was not available at the last minute, for various reasons, but some of the young ladies helped to pick up the slack and served washing the never- ending piles of dishes, cleaning, and baking. Selfless service was evident. Many tracts and church invitations were passed out throughout both Manchay and Retamal and surrounding areas.

Missions in the Mountains While the team was here, we took a three day trip to Huaraz, a mountain city. They participated in the church services of a local church, preached on the main plaza of town, passed out numerous tracts, and were even able to spend a day in tourism, which was quite an adventure. The tour bus broke down at a very high altitude, but the group bravely walked for nearly three hours uphill until we were picked up by another bus. During that time, the Lord mercifully provided an abandoned school with an outdoor shelter where we rested and had a short service with a few others that had been on our same bus. Joel has been involved with the medical mission team trips again this year. He went to Huaraz, and will be going back to Huancavelica this month, Lord willing.

Missions in Manchay Our church in Manchay is growing spiritually. Even in the cold winter months we are seeing many faithfully come to study God ́s Word and serve when opportunities arise. Keiko, our Japanese missionary helper, has totally taken charge of Sunday School and Bible Club ministries, which gives Dana more time for the family and counseling. Baptism The baptism we had planned for April was not possible until May, but all five candidates were baptized. Immediately following, one of the ladies faced a great trial that tried but also helped strengthen her faith. Continue in prayer for Consuelo, Pablo, Orlinda, Juan Carlos, and Eder.

Mission in Retamal
Sunday services in Retamal are going well, though now it is getting quite cold and dark with the heavy winter fog and mist, combined with the lack of electricity. Despite this, several are faithfully attending, and nearly every service we have between one and three men in the group! Yesterday, one of the ladies that had been most caught up in Jehovah’s Witnesses, stayed afterwards to ask more about repentance. Pray God would grant Leticia repentance and faith in Him! Special Request Please pray especially for Dana’s health. For two months she has been struggling with pneumonia. She has taken five different antibiotics, and has improved, but continues to have a cough. The doctor is concerned about a “cloudy spot” found on her lung in the last x-ray. If it remains in a couple of weeks, he will do a biopsy. Pray for complete healing. 

Family News The Lord has burdened our hearts to spend more time with our boys. To give us more quality time with them, as well as help our financial situation, we will begin homeschooling them this month. Pray for us! Caleb will be in 8th grade, Benjamin in 6th, Aar√≥n in 3rd, and Isaac will start some Pre-K learning. We are excited about this opportunity! WE HAVE A BLOG! Keep updated with “Messengers of His Grace,” found at: You may also get short updates on Facebook. 

Pray for Help and Strength Continue praying for the need of faithful men to work alongside Joel in the ministries. Dana will now be rotating her two ladies’ Bible studies with some ladies in the church in order to have more time for homeschooling. (One week she will teach in Manchay, the other in Retamal.) Joel, however, has no one to help in teaching or preaching. Pray for added strength for us both!
May God continue to bless each of you as you serve Him. We thank you for your faithful prayers and support for our family.

In His Service,
The Gamonals

Friday, July 20, 2012

Prayer Request

Please be in special prayer for Dana's health.  She's had a "stubborn" case of pneumonia for over six weeks, and the doctor is now concerned about a spot that remains in one lung.  She is on a fifth antibiotic, and will have a lung biopsy if all is not clear within a month.  We appreciate your prayers.

Messengers of His Grace

Welcome to our new blog!  We are Baptist missionaries in Peru, South America, on the outskirts of Lima, in an area called Manchay.  We are serving both with Global Baptist Mission and HeartCry Missionary Society.  We hope you rejoice together with us over the faithfulness of our God in our family and ministries.  Pray for us!